"No bender is safe. "

Hi, I'm Camila. I'm a 19-year-old New Yorker who loves video games and anime. I'm currently attending NYU CAS, so if you're going there, feel free to talk to me! (This also means I'll be on semi hiatus during the school year) On this blog, you'll usually see a lot of Zelda, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avatar/Korra, Roosterteeth, and a ton of random anime. This is a personal blog, and I post whatever I like or find funny. I'm really friendly, too, so feel free to talk to me! Hope you enjoy my blog~


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As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

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AMY POEHLER: Great people do things before they’re ready


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Anonymous sent: What is your biggest turn on?



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*sees a pic of a skinny person* *inspired for 11 seconds*

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