"No bender is safe. "

Hi, I'm Camila. I'm a 19-year-old New Yorker who loves video games and anime. I'm currently attending NYU CAS, so if you're going there, feel free to talk to me! (This also means I'll be on semi hiatus during the school year) On this blog, you'll usually see a lot of Zelda, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avatar/Korra, Roosterteeth, and a ton of random anime. This is a personal blog, and I post whatever I like or find funny. I'm really friendly, too, so feel free to talk to me! Hope you enjoy my blog~


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Beauty Q&A!


I’ve done many Q&A’s in the past but never a specific topic based one.. and i thought with the re-launch of Beautaeyi  it would be the perfect time to do a Beauty Q&A! (bonus points if you come up with a witty name for it)

So.. if you have any questions relating to all things in the beauty world please leave them as a note on this post! (That way i can keep track of them for when i film the video)

They can be makeup, skin care, hair.. really anything you like!

Throw em at me :3 xox

What are your all-time favorite mascara brands? (Thoughts on Miss Manga?) Also: any tips on applying eyeliner perfectly?

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This is yet another Samoyed Appreciation Post. Because why not? They are just the cutest litte balls of floof! I want 5000 of them! 


I need onneee

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Actual soon-to-be-a-father John Bennett.

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What do I think love is?

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you know you’ve been watching too much anime lately when you have to stop your geek ass from putting your hands behind your head and your elbows in the air when you’re out in public

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hi are you my human? because i love you already. 


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PSA: as much as I love tumblr, I barely have the motivation to come on here anymore. I’ll still be around every once in a while, but definitely not as often as before. If anyone wants to keep in contact with me, message me for my twitter handle and we can talk there. Feel free to message me even if we’ve only talked once!

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